Who We Are

Keri Berry Creations is an independent family-owned and operated design and manufacturing company with customers and resellers throughout the USA and Canada. We also ship to many locations in Europe, Asia and Australia.

What We Do

Keri Berry creations offers you unique and beautiful custom-made pieces to personalize your home or commercial business as per your mood and taste. Products range from our signature wooden signs, through flowerboxes and decals, All the way to creating your own brand, baby name cut-outs, or gift ideas.

Our Team

  • Keri Hynes Artist

  • Cody Legge Crafter

  • Puss Our Cat

Unleash creativity with a full workshop at your fingertips. We make every item custom per order. Our office is populated with friendly customer service agents who love to decorate and craft. The artisans in our shop create one-of-a-kind pieces with experienced hands and attention to detail.

We believe the custom products we create with our customers can provide the perfect finishing touches to a project. Our limitless options mean freedom from the one aisle in a big box craft store that everyone else is stuck with. Every day we come to work with a smile because we get to create something special for someone.